What Is Legal Delta 9 & How To Find It

Delta 9: Do You Know What It Is?

Do you actually know what Delta 9 is? Are you positively sure? Let’s take a quick look at it, just for the readers who aren’t quite sure what Delta 9 is.

Delta 9 THC is also known as Delta 9 or D9. It stands for Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the main component in cannabis, as I’m sure you already knew.

D9 is also very popular, seeing as everyone covets it. Why would that be? D9 is the very thing that causes cannabis to be illegal, because it contains psychoactive traits. The reason folks want it, is the grounds for why it cannot be. Such a cruel world, I know.

Is Delta 9 Illegal Or Legal?

This is a great question. I know what I stated in the above, that it is illegal. Honestly, for the most part it is illegal. There are a few exceptions to this. There are several states that have authorized the use of legalized medical cannabis, which is fantastic! Even better that a few states have legalized the use of recreational cannabis.

However, this doesn’t signify that it’s legal for all of us, and readily available for us to use. Is there any possibility that it could be legal for just anyone? That’s a great question to ask, and it requires a little more of an in depth answer. A simple yes or no answer isn’t going to cut it here.

Let’s talk about CBD for a moment. CBD is produced, and made, from the hemp flower. It doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive traits that Delta 9 does. This gave grounds to the Farm Bill being produced that allows for hemp products and CBD to be manufactured, legally.

Although, this bill clearly states that in order for CBD to be compliant with the federal laws, and legal, then it can only contain up to 0.3% or less of D9 THC.

That’s NOT a lot of D9, I already know, but it’s open up a doorway. This sets up the fact that LEGAL Delta 9 can actually be produced from hemp. Yes, that was correct Delta 9 that’s been made from hemp flower is completely LEGAL. How amazing is that?

The Farm Bill kind of produced a loophole of sorts, that allows for this to be possible. If you know how to take advantage of it, and keep it fully legal, then here you go.

You definitely WANT to take advantage of it, because this means that the hemp produced D9 is completely legal in every state where CBD is also legal to be purchased at. CBD is legal to be purchased throughout the US, nearly all 50 states. This isn’t an opportunity that you want to miss out on.

Legal Delta 9 Vs CBD

You might be wondering what is the difference? This Delta 9 is being produced from the hemp flower, it can’t be the same as the Delta 9 that’s been produced from the cannabis flower. You would be wrong if you think like this.

Delta 9 is simply Delta 9, no matter if it has been produced from hemp or cannabis. That means that the legal, hemp produced D9 has all of those psychoactive traits of the strain that you’ve probably been wanting.

CBD is great, but it doesn’t contain those psychoactive traits that D9 does. It contains too little D9.

Legal D9 is also 0.3% too, BUT they know how to make that pack a punch. Size and weight really DOES matter.

As for which one is better, it really depends on what you’re wanting. CBD does the job for some, whereas some people want what the legal D9 has to offer. If you’re wanting to get that “high”, or euphoric feeling, then Delta 9 is what you’re looking for.

How To Find Legal Delta 9

I’ve already told you that in order for D9 to be legal, that it has to be produced from hemp. You need to remember this when you’re looking to buy this. You cannot buy the cannabis version, it’s not legally available for everyone, unfortunately.

You want to make certain that in your search of hemp produced D9, that you’re getting the best quality, the best that you can absolutely get.

Where can you even find this at though? What places would have hemp produced Delta 9 for sale? This is a great question to ask. Some local gas stations and tobacco stores near you might would have this legal version of D9. They wouldn’t have much of a variety though.

If you’re wanting an in store variety, then your best bet would be to look at CBD store. They specialize in selling CBD and hemp products, but would have also be the ones who would have the most D9 products available for you. They’re going to have more of a selection for you, whereas the gas station or tobacco store isn’t.

You can also buy hemp produced D9 online too. This will be your best bet at finding the biggest selection of legal D9 products available. You will be able to find whatever it is that you’re looking for. Online shopping for your D9 gives you more variety.

How Do You Know You’re Ordering Quality Legal Delta 9 Online?

You obviously do NOT want to waste any of your precious time, or your hard earned money buying poor quality, trash products. You can follow this easy, simple steps that will help you to ensure that you’re getting quality legal D9 products, while shopping online:

  • Check on what your state laws are with CBD and hemp first! This will save you from wasting your time, if it isn’t allowed inside of your state.
  • Know what you want when you begin your search.
  • Pick a couple from my search that peak my interest.
  • Research the brands and websites that have peaked my interest. Make sure they’re legit, and not a scam.
  • Read what previous customers has said about their products. This is your best way to know if the company, brand, website, has great quality D9, or not.


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