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Resolutions for the New Year are often personal and optimistic. So much so, parents may leave their kiddos behind in their quest to “get healthy.” But what if you take a different approach and make a resolution that is family-wise, practical and...

My friend and colleague Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD over at Real Mom Nutrition posted a video on her blog this week--she's a mom on a mission to change the culture of sport snacks. I'm sharing my opinion on sporting events and snacks to help you think about...

Kids speak...and people listen. Here’s a follow-up to my post from the 11 year old who had an opinion on junk food.  I was reminded by John, from the American Institutes for Research an assistant to  NHLBI in their health outreach efforts, that it...

Children love to move.  And need to move.  And let’s face it, kids need lots of physical activity to maintain good health and a body weight that is right for them, along with plenty of healthy food options.  Lack of daily physical activity is a...

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