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Truth be told, Vogue and I were never together, although I have been known to pick up a copy at the airport now and then. But something changed. I guess I changed. I have worked with more and more children and teens with eating disorders over the last six...

With the recent attention to "thinspo," and extreme measures to control children's weight (which I talk about here), I am resurrecting this post from the archives with some updates. You'll find more on this topic in Fearless Feeding, the book I am...

Last week an article entitled “Weight Watchers” in Vogue written by Dara Lynn Weiss described how she successfully managed her 7 year-old daughter’s weight problem by putting her on a diet. Dara-Lynn Weiss—aka the Tiger Feeder—now has a book...

Frequently I read articles of interest and make a mental note; occasionally I respond with an opinion. Recently I came across this article about the parent’s role in children with eating disorders, posted by a colleague from the Eating Disorders...

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