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I used to buy the boxed macaroni and cheese when the kids were younger. Then I decided a homemade version would be better all around. So I tried to make a version with Gruyere and some other cheeses and they all hated it. “It tastes weird,” they...

Sriracha Chopped Salad

November 18, 2013 | In: Recipes

Recently, I was driving my son to school when a radio show host was going on and on about his love for Sriracha Sauce. I had heard about Sriracha, but hadn’t tried it. On my latest visit to Trader Joe’s, I bought some but didn't know what to do...

The busy school year, sports, and my own work, has led me to struggle a bit with cooking. I find that I lose my steam right around the dinner hour…go figure! So, inspired by my friend and neighbor (and awesome cook/blogger), Eila over at Full Plate,...

Admittedly, I am on vacation and spending very little time thinking about the upcoming school year. However, I know when I return home, we'll be well into August and the 'get everyone ready for school' tirade will begin. New uniforms, clothes shopping...

Summer Sicles

July 1, 2013 | In: Recipes

Today's guest post is by Katy Carter, a pediatric dietitian in St. Louis, Missouri, who helps us cool off with nutritious homemade popsicles. You can find a Greek yogurt popsicle recipe in our Fearless Feeding book as well! What’s better than an...

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