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As many of you know, my son likes to get in the kitchen and cook fairly routinely. Last week when I was in Florida visiting my parents, he woke up the first day and made a big breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon for the four of us....

Last Sunday's dinner wasn't in the dining room (although I tried), it was in front of the TV watching the Winter Olympics. I made a beef roast, accompanied by some veggies and these wonderful roasted rosemary potatoes. Ah, there’s nothing better than...

Easy Egg, Ham & Cheese Bagel

March 18, 2014 | In: Recipes

One day My Little Man came home from school and was ravenous. He's 12. Growing like a weed. Feet bigger than mine. His snacks look like meals. He's a giant in his twin bed. And he's hungry most of the time. He asked for a breakfast sandwich and I...

I made this yummy chicken as a Valentine's Dinner for my family before I left (on Valentine's Day) for a work trip. Lemony Roasted Chicken is always a hit, and I served it with brown rice and roasted broccoli. This is a perfect family dinner for a...

After a two-week vacation of indulgent eating, loose schedules and too many parties, I am always ready to get back into my meal planning and cooking mode. This year I am trying something new, which I have been experimenting with since the fall. I am...

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