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Archive for October, 2010

Welcome to “DE-Constructed”- a look at the nutrients found in common, popular kids' foods.  This month we are looking at granola bars.  Sounds healthy, right?   And certainly a convenient, on the go snack! While some of these granola bars may be...

In my last post, you know that an authoritative feeding style is most effective at promoting a healthy weight, self-regulated eating, and a positive attitude and relationship with food in your child. So, how can you become more authoritative and less...

Feeding is arguably one of the most time-consuming and grueling jobs of parenthood.  Often thankless, and plagued with parental insecurity and low confidence, parents struggle and muddle through the process of feeding their children. Here is a sobering...

Vegetables take the show this month with a classic pasta primavera (pasta and vegetables).  If you have been following the Vitamin series, you'll realize this dish supplies many of the important nutrients your child needs. We showcase this dish with a...

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