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A Healthy Break

December 22, 2009 | In: Child Nutrition

Healthy...hmmm.  Many may think I am going to write about how to eat healthy during the holidays, but I am not.  Fooled you!  There are other ways to be healthy during this holiday season.  Moving your body.  Resting.  Thinking.  Prioritizing...

So this child is walking down the street carrying a 12 oz. apple juice in hand...he passes a teen guzzling a 16 oz. chocolate milk.  What's wrong with this picture?  Some of you may say "fiddlesticks"---but I think there is an emerging and dangerous...

In a world where much attention is given to prevention and treatment of childhood obesity, the thin child lurks in the corner, causing his parent to sprout grey hairs and yell incessant pleas from the table to eat.  From toddlers to teens, the thin child...

We are all role models to children.  Parents, especially, are under the watchful eye of their child.  How you behave, what you choose, your habits—both good and bad, influence a child each day.  And how you manage your body—what you eat, when and...

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