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Feeding Frenzied?

November 19, 2009 | In: Child Nutrition, Feeding

The Plan will Fail if you Fail to Plan ---heard this one before? Let's apply this to feeding a family.  If you are like many parents, you are busy with children, their activities, and homework.  Perhaps you work, or maybe you are busy with housework...

"Mom, I'm home!...What can I have to eat?" Children come home after a day of school hungry and looking for food.  They have had a day of bustling activity with little time and attention spent on eating.  In this day of maximizing learning and...

A three-letter word that stings, slaps, and scars.  Modifications of this word hurt just as much.  Unjustified use is common. Fat.  Fatso.  Fatty.  I consider these "F' words.  Unspeakable and with rank and power as high as some of the dirtiest...

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